Thursday, February 04, 2016

Vacation nightmare

This is one of the instances where State Farm Insurance deceived us and nearly cost us our home. Actually their deceit WILL cost us our home if we can't come up with nearly $10.000.

I was married in December of 2014 to my beautiful wife who is from Indonesia and knows little about living in The U.S....Well thanks to State Farm Insurance Company she now knows how corrupt an American company can be. We began our marriage in a small apartment that neither of us really liked and I being her husband made a promise to her that we would soon have our dream least as dreamy as could be with our extremely modest income. All my wife asked for was something nice near the train station where she catches a train every day for her long commute to her workplace, and her own washer and dryer. Well I found the perfect place and we soon moved into our new home.

We enjoyed a quiet apartment with everything we wanted and were both extremely happy. We bought our bedroom set as well as a dining set and sofa to furnish our new apartment. The renters who were extremely nice required that we buy renters insurance to cover any accidents or damage that may occur. I called my State Farm agent and gave him the EXACT requirements that were listed on the lease which included coverage for our personal property as well as liability for any damages that may occur from accidents or accidental negligence that might cause damage to our apartment. Sounded like a good precaution and worthwhile protection for my wife and I as well as the landlords.

My State Farm agent blindly set up the policy and in his usual non-friendly attitude informed me that the policy was now active. Now we could move in. Skipping to December of 2015 my wife and I enjoyed our first Christmas in our new place and life couldn't be any better. We had a party with all our friends to show our new apartment....we were very proud. At the end of December my wife had planned to go visit her family in Palm Springs  CA and she fought to get me to accompany her even though my budget didn't really include such a trip. But she was my wife and it was her family so I figured I had to go. Little did I know that that decision would start the nightmare that ensued.

Our trip was awesome and I was so glad that I went and the trip home from Cali to our northeast location was a little depressing. But it had been a crazy warm winter here with temperatures being up in the sixties and even seventy near the day that we had left home. Well cutting to the chase, we arrived home on Jan 9th to hear a hissing coming from our main bedroom. As I entered the room I was horrified to see water pouring from the ceiling and flooding our beautiful new home. The landlords quickly had a plumber there who stopped the leak, but major damage had been done. It seems that somehow the heat had gone off and the pipe had frozen and burst. This whole situation is still under scrutiny so I cannot say how the heat had gotten turned off but it was not me...that I knew for sure. That saying the landlord made the assumption that the heat had been turned off and that is why the pipe burst.

Well the apartment was trashed. The entire bedroom had to be gutted and the carpet and floor replaced in three rooms. The whole thing took a few weeks and it turned our stomachs to see the damage every day. The men who did the repairs were awesome and did an incredible job in less time then I thought possible considering they had to completely rebuild the one bedroom. Well as all this was being done my wife and I were in turmoil as to who was going to pay for all of this but it was safe to say that either the landlords insurance or ours would pay the bill. Well the DAY AFTER the repairs were finished we were sent an invoice from the landlords for almost $9000 to be paid immediately because the damage had been caused by someone turning off the heat and the pipes freezing.

Well part one of our nightmare had been answered so I quickly called my State Farm Claims Department to file a claim on the damage that had been done. Well they put me through to my claims agent who proceeded to tell me this: OUR APARTMENT WAS NOT...I REPEAT NOT COVERED BY OUR RENTERS INSURANCE. IT SEEMS THAT THE POLICY ONLY COVERED OTHER PEOPLES DAMAGE TO SAY ANOTHER APARTMENT THAT WATER MAY HAVE LEAKED INTO BUT DID NOT COVER ANY DAMAGE TO OUR OWN APARTMENT. I ALMOST THREW UP HEARING THIS. AND HE DELIVERED THIS MESSAGE TO ME AS COLDLY AS YOU COULD IMAGINE.

So here is what he was telling me. If I had say left a heater on in my room and it burned up my apartment and two others than they would pay to fix the other two apartments but I would be stuck rebuilding my own apartment!!!! If a storm had come and flooded my apartment than I would not be covered because flood insurance is separate from renters insurance. So if my renters insurance won't fix my apartment than the question is WHAT INSURANCE WOULD.....AND I'LL TELL YOU. ANOTHER COMPANY WOULD COVER YOU. That is why our landlord had us buy renters insurance and that is why they immediately send invoices also to my insurance company... State Farm.

So as it stands no one is going to pay for my apartment and I do NOT have the money to pay it. My wife and I are scared to death of losing our beautiful apartment because of STATE FARMS in my opinion NEGLIGENT insurance coverage and lack of informing me when the policy was bought of this disgraceful policy loophole that my now cause me my home.

I have to finish saying that everything I have said is my own opinion and that's so these State Farm VERMIN don't try to sue me for slander or something. I have left the comment boxes on these pages so you could please voice your opinion and if you have any sense of judgement DO NOT BUY FROM STATE FARM!!!!!!! Do it for me and my beautiful wife and for me and for everyone else who has been burned by their insurance company, especially STATE FARM!