Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pamela writes to us:

A strong storm blew through on Saturday June 18th peeling the tin back on my roof. I immediately call State Farm and get a lazy cow on the phone who tell me that State Farm will allow me 4 sheets of tin to fix my roof...approximately $300 without even coming out to look or send an agent out. I called back and told them this was unacceptable and their response was "State Farm is under a lot of pressure since the tornadoes in April, we are not trying to minimize your claim we are trying to settle all claims by phone"...a roof by phone? meanwhile it is supposed to rain today and the inside of my house will suffer damage since i have no tin on my roof. I live alone and have no way to tarp and have no help. These people are slimy salespeople. I hope they all burn in hell. My agent is Mr. Tyree Petitis South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leigh weighs in with this unbelievable incident...read it all the way through:

In 2006, my 18-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son were in a 5 mph fender bender with a lady (I’ll call her Donna) insured through State Farm. In a construction site, she changed lanes without signaling and hit my daughter’s front right bumper. My daughter was already in the lane. Since the damage amounted to a cracked signal light on my daughter’s car, and no damage that the naked eye could see on Donna’s car, she left the scene before police could be contacted. The car my daughter was driving was not hers, but belonged to her aunt. We went along merrily until one month later when I get a phone call from Donna saying that, in fact, she DID have damage to her bumper in the amount of 1,800 and wanted me to write her a check. How she got our number, I don’t know as there was no information exchanged at the scene. Being suspicious, I refused to pay as I felt that doing so would admit liability. I suggested it be reported to the insurance company. We get no calls or anything, so I assume nothing was reported at her end. Almost a year later, we get a call from State Farm letting us know that there was nearly $15,000 worth of medical bills and car damage done to their insured. How could this happen? Her back bumper was just tapped, and she was driving an Econoline van—may daughter was driving a Honda Civic. Her back window was smashed in, her bumper seared in half—damage that could only happen if she was hit by someone going at a high rate of speed. State Farm advised they will file a lawsuit to seek reimbursement from us. We got an attorney. He says we don’t have a leg to stand on since there were no photos, the Honda was long sold off, and there was no police report. We head to arbitration. The arbitrator sides with Donna who is older. There was no evidence to support my daughter’s claim that SHE got run into, and they can’t take her brother’s testimony because he is related. We threaten to go before a jury. Our attorney advises us that State Farm has very high-powered attorneys and it could be costly for us to fight it. We cut our losses and took it in the backside. We have been paying $200 per month ever since and have our balance down to $1,400 (basically interest at this point). I did later find out that State Farm indeed had photos of my daughter’s car. She was working when they came by to ask her if they could photograph her car one evening. Strangely enough, they denied having the photos and wouldn’t let us see the file unless we got a subpoena. Long story short…if you are ever hit by a State Farm insured, make sure the police are there, you take photos and get statements. They are a no-fault company and will pay their insured whatever, then will come after the other party full on. Until I go to my grave, I will find every opportunity to smear them.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey, I just got in a accident 3 weeks ago I have full coverage and a super rare car. Acura Integra type r that was a show car for the past 2 years my insurance company is State Farm. long story short. After the accident car went to collision center someone broke in stole my whole interior =(. Just today I had the insurance company call me to give me the quote they offered me $3900 and $1000 deductible so $2900. I laughed and asked them if that was just for the wheels as my car goes for average online and locally for $13,000 and that’s in shit condition and good conditions up to $20 000, and mine was a perfect show car condition. I told them my car is worth so much more just the seats which are original factory Acura seats are valued at $4000 I sat on garbage bags to keep my seats new lol. They said as the car was stolen we got no proof you had those seats I LAUGHED I asked her well what the fuck did I sit on buckets maybe a couch she said you could have had other seats well how am I supposed to proof to you that I had those seats I told her I will show her pictures of those in my car as well as online pictures as my car was photographed at shows even get the previous owner I bought the car from and the owner of the shop that saw my car as a whole before it got stolen. she said you cant proof that those pictures are your car even though I got the group sticker the car traveled with on the windshield she just kept on blabbing about MARKET VALUE MARKET VALUE bull shit. So I wanted to search my options online and I stumbled across your little website so I decided to write my story to you I hope we can do something as I would really want these assholes brought down and would love to ruin there reputation. I have attached a picture of my baby to this email and you can contact me at cells11 (at) live.com