Friday, April 09, 2004

Wow, Mark (name witheld by request) reports that State Farm ripped him off in an automobile incident. What's with these people? Read this:

"I was in an automobile accident with one of their policyholders on 3/9/2004. No question that it was his fault, he was issued a ticket citing him at fault. State Farm decided that they would scrap my recently completed 1984 restored Corvette (new motor and all) and offered me $5400 for the car. The NADA book value for a 1984 Vette in average condition is $17,100. I provided receipts for $9000 worth of work done on the car in the past 2 years and they increased their offer to $6000. They towed my car off to a scrap yard without my permission. I am open to suggestion regarding how to make the cheap bastards pay the Fair Market Value for my destroyed car. They do not listen to the fact that you cannot replace a 1984 in like new condition for $6000."

Like a good neighbor, eh?