Thursday, March 11, 2010

Allen writes:

Hello, I saw your info on-line about Sate Farm. I recently experienced damage to my home due to the heavy snow fall the north east U.S. experienced. Both of the major gutters and the fascia board they attach to are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. One fell off the roof completely and the other is barely hanging and is bent beyond recovery. The attic of my house is now exposed to the elements while I await repair. My State Farm agent said the loss would be covered and after waiting 2 weeks for an adjuster I was handed a check for approximately half of what 3 contractors have estimated it would cost.

Rob's reply:

Allen, it's critical that you hand them back the check and submit your own estimates. State Farm relies on "fast pay" to pay out much lower reimbursements. This happened to me with water damage to a floor. Within a day or two, State Farm handed me a check for $6000. Unfortunately, the damage was more than double that amount. I refused the check and submitted estimates from three other vendors, in writing. State Farm revised their check and paid a total of $17K, which did cover the damage.

Never take the quick check. Always do your homework and it should work out.