Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everyone knows there's a recession in 2009. Everyone knows that insurance companies are a business. Here's Jerry, who knows it too well:

I just received notice from State Farm they are raising the rates on my property insurance by 57% on one building and 67% on another building. Nothing has changed on any of my property and I have not filed any claims. They just decided they were going to raise the rates.
Who gets away with this kind of outragous price hike?
I wrote to my State insurance commission to see if they had any kind of protection for the consumer for this type of tactic. Surprise Surprise it turns out it is  perfectly legal for them to charge what ever they want. No caps or any controls on how much they can raise the rates.
It is time for a revolution in this country against Insurance Companies.
Everyone should cancel their policies at one time and put these con artists out of business.